lördag 16 juli 2016

CD release and MERCH update


We managed to make the first tour, and we have so much fun that we will keep this wrecking ship on course to disaster! Thank you all so much for the help. Especially Daniel and Dennis for helping us out with the logistical part and Anita for holding in there in the van!

Nico and Exilent for the Hannover show and Misantropic for the show, all maniacs in Leipzig and Deafkids and Martrak for joining stage with us, Pawel and the all of the crew at the Gdynia D.I.Y. fest and all you bands played the fest and made it what it was, Dennis and Köpi/Koma F crew alongside Nocturnal Scum to joining the last part of our trip.

The 12" just got released on CD now as well by our Mexican friends from Mundo en Kaos records! Thanx a million!

Tapes are out as well and we'll get a hold of all of this really soon!

Managed to get all our MERCH available through the Not Enough web as well so if you want, patches t-shirts or what so ever go here MERCH

Digitally our full-length is available at our bandcamp as well

fredag 11 mars 2016

Public disturbance??!!......-


We're happy to announce the release of our s/t 12".

cooperation Vinyl release by Breeding for extinction, Deviance, Neanderthal.stench, Not Enough, Phobia, Profane Existence, Ruin Nation and Scream records.

Tape version by our dear friends Bullwhip and Fukker records.